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Read below for stories of how our massagers changed the lives of some of our customers. We knew that our massagers could help people, but we didn't expect the results to be so incredible! If you want amazing, life-changing results like this, you're only a few clicks away!

"Love the product. Thanks guys"

Michael Walker, 34, London, UK

"4 Years ago, I tore my hamstring playing rugby. To say this was the most painful injury I've ever had is an understatement. When I tell people, I ask them to imagine what it would be like if someone used a red-hot knife and pushed it into your leg. You don't notice it for a split-second. Then it hits you. The blinding pain. I couldn't walk for weeks, and was on crutches for many months afterwards.

Rehab was mostly me putting up with a constant dull throb in my leg. My rehab trainer at the time recommended the A1 to me. It was a game changer. My recovery sped up massively. My sessions could be more intense because I was recovering faster between rehab sessions. Honestly after so many months of waiting and aching, reducing my rehab time by over a month was music to my ears.

If you're trying to get over an ache that is physically holding you back, get a massage gun right now! I upgraded to the A2 a couple of months ago and it's even better than the first one. So much quieter and more power means a better massage."

Amy Jameson, 25, California, USA

"When I came across these guys, I was worried that I didn't take exercise seriously enough. As it turns out, you don't need to be "fitness crazy" to be using one of these. 

Like a lot of poeple, I'm very partial to an occasional massage after a long week. It's the best way to wind down and I love how I feel like jello afterwards. My muscles feel rejuvenated and I get an incredible night's sleep.

I was shocked and delighted to discover that these massagers actually saved me money!

I know! It was confusing to me too. But I realised that in one year, I spent $300-400 at the massage parlour. Why waste all that money when you can get a professional-level massage for much less than that?!

Thank you to the whole Fire and Falcon team for opening up my eyes for how great these tools can be. I can get the same massage and feel exactly the same, but now I don't have to spend $40 each time I want to wind down at the end of a long week.

PS: It's even better when you get your boyfriend to give you the massage :)"

about the fire and falcon team

We are Fire and Falcon. A group of people more like a crazy family than a business. Fire and Falcon strives to improve the lives of people. You're not a customer, you're another member of our family.

We want you to benefit from the A3 as much as we have. We want you to have the best experiences in life and we want you to achieve the goals you want. We can't help much with getting a dream job, but we know the muscular system. Our team has decades of professional experience in the sports and massage industry. We've written papers, documented athletes and researched for countless hours. All so we can bring you the all-in-one solution to muscle recovery.

Like you, we suffered from sore muscles. We wanted to find a natural solution to DOMS and feeling stiff in the hours and days after a workout. We wanted to be able to provide a home massage that was as good as a professional masseuse.

After years of hard work, our crazy family grew exponentially to keep up with all the demand and now we operate across the world. We're now proud to present the A3. Better in sooo many ways and cheaper than the Phoenix A2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! We ship worldwide and unless you live in a very remote part of the world, we can deliver to your door!

Please get in contact if you think that your location cannot be reached via your national postal services

How long is the shipping time?

Our shipping times vary depending on where you live. Estimated delivery times are:

   - USA/UK/Canada/Australia 
      - 1-2 weeks
  - Rest Of the World
      - 1-3 weeks

During holidays, Black Friday and big sales, processing time may push your delivery date by 5-7 days. Shipping times will vary, however we will try to keep you up to date with where your package is. All orders are fully trackable, and we provide you with the tracking link once your parcel has been dispatched.

Is this only for gym fanatics?

Not at all! We've designed the A3 to be user-friendly intuitive to use. We have happy customers aged 18-63 and uses from post-workout muscle recovery to lower back pain and even arthritis!

If you would like a personalized explanation of how Fire and Falcon can help you achieve your goals, get in contact with the team and Jeff or one of the staff will assist you.

Is it difficult to use?

We've designed the A3 to be used by everyone! It doesn't matter if you are a professional masseuse or a complete beginner who doesn't know which part of the muscle to massage.

Turn on the A3 and apply to the muscle that is sore - it really is that easy!

Is there a warranty?

All Fire and Falcon products come with a 1 year warranty as standard. 

Click here for more information on what the warranty does and does not cover. Generally speaking, the warranty does not cover any damages caused by the user including drops, over-use and misuse of the machinery.

Full warranty information is also provided in the instruction manual

Does this need to be plugged in to use?


All of our products are fully handheld and can operate for 2-4 hours between charges. All orders include a charger and the battery is included.

Have another question? Get in contact with the team by clicking here or email us by clicking here!

Disclaimer - Fire and Falcon is not associated with the "Phoenix" brand any longer. The Phoenix A2 is a model which used to be stocked by us, however since the development of the A3, we are no longer associated with the Phoenix A2. All information on the page is accurate as of the date of writing. Fire and Falcon do not accept any responsibility for damages or any kind associated with the misuse of the information on this page and this website.