Warranty Policy – Fire and Falcon

Warranty Policy

• Do not use the A3 before consulting a doctor and obtaining approval prior to using the device.

• We do not recommend the A3 if the following applies:
o Herniated disks, Recent joint replacements or IUDs, metal pins, metal plates, epilepsy, brittle bone disease, migraines, recent surgery, torn muscle, pace makers, retinal damage/neuropathy, pregnancy, diabetes, general concerns about your physical health. These indications do not mean you are unfit to use the A3, however you should consult a doctor first. We do not accept responsibility for any injuries from incorrect usage of our products.

• The warranty lasts for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any failure relating to mechanical defects or material defects. Warranty claims are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the company. Warranty claims are only valid with a verified purchase and proof of purchase.

• The warranty EXCLUDES:
o Damage caused by the user.
o Units subjected to unauthorized repairs.
o Units damaged by misuse or overuse.
o Damages exceeding the cost of the product.
o Regular wear and tear of the product including aesthetic damages and lost/damaged head attachments.
o Damage/deterioration caused by improper storage and safeguarding conditions. 

If the item cannot be fixed remotely, the unit will need to be shipped back to our quality control team for diagnosis. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING FEES FOR WARRANTY CLAIMS AND RETURNS. We are solely responsible for shipping fees of packages being sent from our facilities, not to. Customer will also need to cover all shipping charges, import taxes and customs fees. Warranty replacements will not be authorised without a complete assessment from our quality team.