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Dependable and efficient soreness relief.

    Tried and tested by professional athletes, physios and Olympians, the Fire and Falcon A3 guarantees dependable and efficient muscle recovery. 

    ✓ Chosen as ESPN's must-buy gift of 2019.
    Eliminate soreness, aches and pains by up to 65% in 30 seconds.
    ✓ Squeeze the max out of every workout and achieve your fitness goals.
    ✓ Improve circulation and speed up recovery.
    ✓ Used by professional athletes around the world, including the Denver Broncos and the Brisbane Bandits.
    ✓ Free Shipping on all orders.

    It's no secret that massaging muscles can speed up the recovery process. Massage can naturally soothe your muscles, improving blood flow and promoting growth of muscle fibers. 

    But why settle for prodding your legs and kneading your back, hoping that something helps the pain. Why waste your money on muscle recovery methods that aren't giving you the relief that you need? The answer to your troubles is simple.

    Percussive. Massage. Therapy.

    Imagine you had a crazy Thai lady karate-chopping your back, pounding your sore muscles. There is a reason those massage parlors still exist. They work! In fact, they are the inspiration behind our massage guns. And now you know the secret. You've found the tool that will take your workouts to the next level. The tool that will help you on your road to fitness glory!

    What's new? - A2 vs A3

    Battery - 1500mAh ➸ 2400mAh capacity
    Usage time: 1-2 hours ➸ 3-4 hours
    Motor: 3 Speed settings ➸ 20 Speed Settings
    Battery level indication: None ➸ LCD Screen and LED band on the base
    Stall Force: 30-40lbs ➸ 40-55 lbs
    Max volume: 80db ➸ 65db

    "Massage increases the percentage of regenerating muscle fibers... 14% increase on average" 

    -Study into the effects of massage therapy in muscle regeration. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA., Best, Thomas M. FACSM; Huard, Johnny; Patel, Kunj; Crawford, Scott K., 1856 Board #201

    Full specifications:

    2400mAh battery, 24V, 1A, 51.84Wh
    12V DC Brushless Motor, 20 speed settings
    Motor Speed - 1800rpm - 3200rpm
    LCD Display with Battery level indicator and Power level indicator
    4 massage head attachments
    40-55lbs of stalling force.
    12in x 9in EVA Foam Case
    3.3lb Weight (A3 is 3.1lbs)
    Stroke Length - 10mm

    What's included?

    A3 Massage Gun with Battery
    4 massage head attachments
    Charging Plug and Cable
    Instruction Manual
    EVA Foam Carrying Case

    What our customers say:

    "Love the product. Thanks guys" - N. Falah, Denver Broncos

    "This gun has changed the game!" - H. Drayton, College Athlete

    "...all Australia's best 100-200m sprinters were loving it" - M. Grbac, professional trainer 

    For those who suffer from DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), this tool is your ticket to a pain-free post-workout. For those suffering from back pain, stiff muscles and soreness that you just can't seem to shake. In short, this is your ticket to a new life!

    What the A3 can do for you:
    ✔ Improve range of motion.
    ✔ Accelerate recovery time.
    ✔ Reduce fatigue.
    ✔ Treat injuries and pains.
    ✔ Promote blood circulation.
    ✔ Reduces pain from inflamed muscles.
    ✔ Quick and reliable muscle recovery.
    ✔ Achieve your workout goals faster.
    ✔ Save money on muscle recovery.
    ✔ Enhance muscle fiber growth.

    Check out some reviews here. Average Rating 4.8/5 Stars.

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